The Dangers of Detox Diets After Christmas

If you’ve already gained weight this Christmas and plan to get rid of the extra pounds in 2018 through a depurative diet, we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t choose this option and the dangers of detox diets after Christmas.

What are detox diets and how they work?

The excesses of these dates have been scientifically proven to cause weight gain in most people, something that can also cause other consequences such as indigestion, abdominal distention, among others.

Detox diets are diets that come just to solve this situation in which the body is “intoxicated” with food, alcohol and other excesses so typical of these dates.

From this premise that the body is “intoxicated” starts the depurative diets that are mainly based on liquids or drinks such as juices or shakes are proposed as the ideal way to “reset” the body, blotting out and new account for the new year.

Thus, most detox diets have their own products to carry the proposal forward, are planned in the short term and promise considerable weight loss in a short time, which coincides with the characteristics of miracle diets.

The effects that a detox diet can have on your body

Detox diets are never proposed for more than a week, as they are strict resources in which whole food groups are usually eliminated, which is why most depurative diets last between 3 and 5 days.

This strict character of detox diets may not only put us at risk for deficiencies, but they can also stress the body causing other major problems such as more desire to eat, more anxiety and less overall health.

Also, since they are very rich in liquid, if the detox diet is not well planned it can end up causing excessive consumption of water that in imbalance with electrolytes such as sodium, are a real danger because hyponatremia by dilution or excess water can be responsible for serious mental damage and even death.

On the other hand, we know that the more the diet is restricted or the lower the calorie intake, the more likely our body is to undergo a metabolic adaptation and culminate in a marked rebound effect, therefore, detox diets are not effective to say goodbye to the kilos of more cattle at Christmas.

On the other hand, they neither purify nor detoxify as promised, since they take care of the organs that our organism possesses such as kidneys and liver and we do not need an ineffective diet that, more than cleaning the body, purify the pocket only.

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Clearing doesn’t actually compensate

The detox diets conquer us and attract us with the idea that at this time of year we can eat everything we want because after that we will spend no more than five days drinking juices and that’s it, we have miraculously solved everything.

However, this form does not really compensate as we think, but a good compensation always keeps us in balance, i. e. overfilling ourselves with food by considerably exceeding the calories derived from sugars for example always results in weight gain and body fat, and detox diets do not provide a real solution to this.

Three days of juices are not able to get rid of fat and weight gain, but they will make us lose weight because we will deflate but after having completed the same and return to the usual diet we usually regain weight easily or even more, because the cortisol that will have circulated in our body can alter the eating behavior and encourage us to eat more and more and promote other factors for weight gain.

As if that were not enough, if we think we can “compensate” with a detox diet we will surely take advantage of this advantage to eat more at Christmas and the lack of control will be greater. That’s why it’s important to always know and remember that compensating with detox diets doesn’t really pay off, but it can make things worse.

Without food re-education, it’s useless.

The real way to compensate, lose weight and somehow “reset” our body is by educating our eating behavior and effectively modifying habits, in order to obtain benefits from the beginning and forever.

The most important factor when it comes to losing weight is adherence, which is why detox diets so strict and short-term do not serve to lose weight, much less to encourage the adoption of good habits.

We must learn to eat, to live with all foods so that we don’t run the risk of nutritional deficiencies due to their elimination and to guarantee the body enough calories to lose weight or maintain weight over time, but of quality to protect health first and foremost.

Detox diets do not recommend the practice of exercise, they do not protect the particular conditions and needs of each person because they are not personalized but are disseminated in magazines, websites or other media as universal alternatives and suitable for everyone, therefore, are not good options to modify our lifestyle or reeducate habits.

So, what can we do?

If detox diets or other miracle diets are good choices because of their strict and ineffective quality to promote good habits or a successful slimming care health, the best alternative is to say goodbye to quick proposals and magazine opting to recover our routine as soon as possible.

Leaving excessive sugars and calories for the special days is only a good way to truly compensate, and after the holidays, recovering good habits or the routine we had prior to the days of events is always the best alternative.

The body will only rearrange itself, eliminate excesses and toxins and return to its former state with regular exercise and a healthy daily diet after days of eating, so we do not need a detox diet or healthy use because they are not strategies supported by science.

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