How to wear leather leggings

Leather leggings have always been there, present in fashion, accompanying the looks of each season. However, it is true that they are not exactly the most wearable garment you can have in your closet … Or at least you thought so far.

Taking advantage of the winter high waisted leggings (also known as a skin effect or vinyl leggings) have become a trend, we will try to break with the hatred that over the years has professed towards them. We assure you that you can get a lot out of its texture and its shape, because far from stuffing (yes, we also thought about it), you can highlight your figure a lot.

Well, you should know that they have become the star garment for this fall/winter season, especially the leather leggings in black. First because, although you do not believe it, it combines with everything. And second, because they are very comfortable. Not only because of its elasticity and because they adapt to your figure, but also because you can find them in their thermal version, lined inside, something that is especially good for the coldest days.

And now, the million dollar question: how to wear leather leggings? With what garments can we combine them to match the look? Here are some suggestions that never fail:

  • With oversize jumpers: perfect for winter and to wear them with leather leggings, especially if you do not want your hips to marked excessively. Also, the contrast of garment adjusted with another broader is always a success.
  • With animal print: especially the leopard print. Try not to abuse it and introduce it only in a garment or accessory.
  • With denim fabric: the denim shirts are especially good. And even more, if you combine them with a sweater or a white blouse.
  • With cardigans: perfect for being a full and long garment as opposed to leggings.
  • With leather jackets: to finish giving your outfit the rock look.

And in reality, on this list there is room for many more ideas: you can take them with a total look in black, with shoes, with high heels, with high boots … Let’s leave so much talk to take action: here You have 30 images that will show you how to wear leather leggings and how to get your look right. Take note!

how to wear leather leggings

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